Employee Intranet

Welcome to the Employee Intranet!

How often on the weekend do you need to get a contact number for your medical insurance, or find out if you can take Monday off without advance notice? Maybe never, you already know that information, but just maybe it happens every so often. If so, think of these pages as your internet resource for everything Human Resources and more.

These pages are a work in progress, you may not find what you are looking for. If that happens, send an email letting us know what you think is missing. Chances are, you aren't the only one wanting that information. We'll try to get it up and available for everyone.

We don't want to lose the human contact, but sometimes, especially in these days of smart phones, instant messaging, tweets, texts, and wikis, it's easier to just log-on to the intranet. This doesn't mean we don't want you to come and ask us your questions personally.

So, look through what is available, tell us what you like, what you use, and what you would like to see on these pages. It is the Employee Intranet.