Door to Door Solicitation Scam

Please be advised that a solicitor has been going door-to-door within the City collecting donations for the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. This appears to be a variation of the scam reported earlier by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office (see below). The Cronkite School does not solicit donations door-to-door. If someone comes to your door soliciting donations, call MCSO, 602.876.1011, and/or City Hall, 623.935.5033, and follow the link below to file a complaint. 

Arizona's Attorney General issued a warning to Arizona consumers about a door-to-door magazine sales scam. 

Residents of at least five cities in the Phoenix area have been visited by young people who identified themselves as students from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. They told residents they were selling magazine subscriptions to earn money for a summer trip to London. Residents were asked to write checks payable to Integrity TGM. Several "students" said they lived in the neighborhood or nearby the homes they visited. 

This is a scam. The Cronkite School does not solicit donations door-to-door and is not associated with this magazine sales effort. The school has recently received an increased number of complaints and inquiries about these door-to-door sales. If you have questions to ask the Cronkite School about this magazine sales scam, please contact Associate Dean Frederic Leigh at 480-965-5011 or email him at 

If you've had this experience, or you have been scammed by these people, here's how to file a complaint.