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Conventional Foundation Details
***Please Note: The following items must be shown and/or noted on the “conventional foundation details”. Also note that section R403.1.3 has been amended by the City to require “Seismic Design Category B” to meet all reinforcing requirements of this section. Amended footing/foundation reinforcement requirements are so noted below.

Must be drawn to scale and dimensioned.

Footing embedment depth must be dimensioned (section R403.1.4, I.R.C.).

Slab underlayment base course (section R506.2.2, I.R.C.).

Footings must be dimensioned and must contain a minimum of one (horizontal) No. 4 bar running continuous, with a minimum 3 inch dimensioned clearance from bottom of footing (section R403.1.3, I.R.C., City amended).

Stem walls shall have a minimum of one (horizontal) No. 4 bar running continuous within 12 inches of the top of the wall (section R403.1.3.1, I.R.C., City amended).

Where a construction joint is created between the footing and the stem wall (separate pours), a minimum of one No. 4 bar shall be installed at not more than 4 feet on center (section R403.1.3). The vertical bar shall extend to 3 inches clear of the bottom of the footing, have a standard hook and extend a minimum of 14 inches into the stem wall (section R403.1.3, I.R.C., City amended).

Slab-on-ground cast monolithically with footing (“turned-down footing”) requires two No. 4 bars located in the middle third of the footing depth (section R403.1.3.2-exception, I.R.C., City amended).

Masonry stem wall supported on a concrete footing, requires a minimum of one (vertical) No. 4 bar installed not more than four (4) feet on center and grouted in place. The vertical bar shall extend to 3 inches clear of the bottom of the footing and have a standard hook (section R403.1.3, I.R.C., City amended).

All isolated footings must be reinforced. If isolated footings are used for column support (covered patios, etc.), a mechanical column base connection is required to resisted uplift and lateral forces.

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