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1. Do I need an exterior door landing for my 36 inch wide garage door that opens to the side yard?
2. Can the door landing simply be a flat gravel area?
3. May I use key lock door hardware that’s keyed from both sides on my primary entrance (exit) door?
4. I want to add a pre-manufactured “spiral stairway” that connects to my second story master bedroom (exterior) deck, providing direct rear yard access from the 2nd story. Is a spiral stairway allowed?
5. I’m building an addition to my residence, I need to relocate my existing exterior A/C unit from my rear yard to my side yard. Does the City allow side yard installations?
6. I want to enclose my existing covered patio and create a habitable living space. Are there any nonstructural code issues I should be concerned about?
7. I’m adding a bedroom to my unfinished basement and noticed the window well doesn’t have a ladder in it. At what point does the window well need a ladder?
8. I want to add exterior decorative wrought iron in front of my windows. May I use wrought iron over my bedroom windows and key lock the wrought iron release from the inside?