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1. What electrical work can I do that doesn’t require a building permit?
2. I want to add a ceiling mounted pendent (hanging) light fixture above my bath tub. Is there any code regulation that prohibits this?
3. Do recessed lighting fixtures in my ceiling need to be “IC-rated” and labeled?
4. To encourage energy efficient “hot water on demand”, some jurisdictions require an electrical receptacle outlet under each bathroom lavatory. Is this a requirement in your City?
5. I have a wall section 2-1/2 feet wide between two arched opening in my new living room design. Do I need a wall receptacle outlet at this wall section?
6. I'm planning a full height window ("tempered") wall in my new living room addition. Am I exempt from receptacle outlets along this wall?
7. I’m redesigning my kitchen counter layout and will end up with an 18 inch wide section of counter top at one end of my refrigerator. Do I need a receptacle outlet here to serve this small counter?
8. I want to change my existing house design to include an additional bedroom. Are there any nonstructural lilfe safety code regulations I should cover in my design?
9. My interior lights are starting to dim when the A/C unit first starts up. What is wrong?