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1. Has the City amended the fire separation requirements (section R309.2, I.R.C.) between a dwelling unit and the adjoining private garage?
2. Does the garage door between the house and the garage need to be self-closing?
3. Are there nonstructural code issues I should be concerned about when enclosing my carport and converting it into a garage?
4. My new house design has rooms with high ceilings and lower arched doorway openings? In addition to the bedrooms and adjacent hallway, do I need to install added smoke alarms in each of these rooms?
5. I want to enclose my existing covered patio and create a habitable living space. Are there any nonstructural code issues I should be concerned about?
6. I want to change an already existing portion of my residence to include a bedroom. In preparing the new proposed floor plan layout, are there nonstructural life safety code issues?
7. I am replacing same size windows throughout my residence to gain higher energy efficiency. Are there any code regulations I should be concerned about in replacing my windows?
8. I’m framing the second story of my two story residence with open-web floor trusses. The second story floor area is approximately 1,200 square feet. Is draftstopping required?
9. I am remodeling my home and want to add an exterior window (at least 18 inches above the floor) in my existing foyer. The new window will be located adjacent to the bottom of my interior stairway.