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1. What is a building permit application?
2. How do I get a building permit application?
3. What type of work requires a building permit?
4. What type of building project can I do that doesn’t require a building permit?
5. Will the City allow me to change out windows and doors to improve the overall energy efficiency of my residence without obtaining a building permit?
6. What electrical work can I do that doesn't require a building permit?
7. What plumbing work can I do that doesn't require a building permit?
8. In addition to the building code regulations (currently the "International Building Codes") are there other regulations that may affect my building projects?
9. How do I apply for a building permit?
10. If my building project involves different kinds of construction work (such as electrical, plumging, mechanical, structural, etc.), can I combine everything under one single permit?
11. How long will it take to get a building permit?
12. How much is this building permit going to cost me?
13. Which building permits require building plan review?
14. What building codes are presently being enforced in the City?
15. Where can I reference and/or purchase these building code publications?
16. Do I need a currently licensed architect and/or currently licensed engineer to prepare my construction drawings in the City?
17. What is the structural analysis “design criteria” for a building and/ or a structure in the City?
18. Does the City have amendments (changes) to the current building codes that may affect my construction project?
19. How do I arrange a building inspection, and when are inspections conducted?