Posted on: January 24, 2018

Roof Rats Sighted in Litchfield Park

NOTICE: Rats have been found in the City of Litchfield Park.  Rats are very destructive, gnawing through wiring and destroying citrus. The solution lies with residents who must maintain clean yards (especially keep trees free of fruit and pick up dropped fruit and debris on their property). Rats prefer to stay within 200 to 300 yards and generally stay right in a residential backyard. 

Maricopa County states that successful removals of rats were obtained by residents that:

  •  Remove nesting opportunities
  • •Clean up yards, garages, carports and patios by removing all debris
  •  Keep their property free of accumulation of landscape and household debris
  •  Keep all trash in containers with properly fitting lids •Remove all bird seed, dog and cat food from outside
  •  Remove all outside water sources (leaking faucets, pet water, etc.)
  •  Place bait stations and traps safely (located away from pets and children) on their property 

Eradication of rats is a team effort and requires relentless effort of the whole neighborhood. The City is working with Maricopa County and professional trappers to identify resources for residents in addressing this issue. Further information can be found on the Maricopa County website (see the link below). 

Maricopa County
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