Building Safety Bulletins

The following published "Building Safety Bulletins" are free and available at City Hall, 214 West Wigwam Boulevard, in Litchfield Park. These bulletins are to be used in combination with, and as part of the "Guidelines When Building Within the City" website series.

***Please Note: To ensure accuracy, these bulletins must always be used with the actual codified laws and regulations as referenced in the text of the bulletin.

#1 - Building Permit Application
#2 - Construction Documents
#3 - Converting Your Carport into a Garage
#4 - Electrical Safety
#5 - Pools, Spas, and Barriers
#6 - Solar Systems (Photovoltaic PV Solar Systems/Solar Water Heating Systems)
#7 - Residential Fire and Life Safety Guidelines
#8 - Masonry Block Wall and Fencing Construction
#9 - Frequently Asked Questions (Building Construction)