Tax Rate and Tax Return Filing Information

Current Tax Rates

Retail/Restaurant/Consumer Purchases - 9.1% (2.8% plus 6.3% State/County)
Contracting/Construction - 11.1% (4.8% City plus 6.3% State/County)
Litchfield Park Tax Code

Effective October 1, 2008 - Sales & Use Tax Changes

Ordinance 08-142 increases the Sales Tax Rate from 2% to 2.8%. This tax rate increase affects the following classifications:

Advertising; Amusements; Job printing; Manufactured buildings; Timbering and other extraction; Publishing; Hotels; Rental, leasing, and licensing for use of real property; Rental, leasing, and licensing for use of tangible personal property; Restaurants and Bars; Retail; Telecommunications; Transporting for hire; Utilities and Use Tax.

Effective November 1, 2008 - Construction Contracting Tax Changes

Ordinance 08-143 increases the Construction Contracting Tax Rate from 4% to 4.8%. This tax rate increase affects the following classifications:

Construction contracting: construction contractors; Construction contracting: speculative builders; Construction contracting: owner-builders who are not speculative builders.

The increase imposed by these ordinances shall not apply to contracts entered into prior to the effective date of the ordinances.

Tax Return Filing Requirements

The City of Litchfield Park is a “program city” and does not issue its own tax licenses or tax return forms. All taxes due to the City of Litchfield Park must be filed through the Arizona Department of Revenue (AZDOR) using their TPT-1 tax return form. You may obtain tax return forms, tax updates and current Tax Rate Tables from the website. Please refer to the website for new tax codes to be used for the filing of tax returns.