Code Policies, Procedures & Interpretations

Table of Contents

16-1                     Masonry Block Walls and Fences
16-2                     Exit Way / Access Way Extension
16-3                     Replacement of Existing Residential Windows and/or Doors
16-4                     Swimming Pools and Spas Entrapment Protection
16-5                     Swimming Pools and Spas Written Affidavits
16-6                     "135 degree" Rule
16-7                     Pool Grounding
16-8                     Dwelling/Garage Fire Separation
16-9                     Garage Electrical Receptacles
16-10                   Customer Shutoff Valve at Water Meter
16-11                   Recessed Flush-Mounted Electrical Boxes
16-12                   Residential Exterior Door Landings
16-13                   Building Plan Review Timelines
16-14                   Building Permit Applications
16-15                   Swimming Pool Spa Setback
16-16                   Notice for Recorded Easement
16-17                   Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (T.C. of O.)
16-18                   Building Permit Expiration Letter
16-19                   Safety Lockout/Tagout Practice
16-20                   Self Certification of Roof Mounted Solar PV Installations
16-21                   2006 I-Code Allowance
16-22                   De-rated Main Service Disconnect
16-23                   Photovoltaic Power Systems Anchoring and Grounding
16-24                   Certificate of Shell Completion
16-25                   Special Inspection Approval Form
16-26                   Notice of Violation