Energy Building Review

The following items must be shown, detailed and/or noted within the drawing set. ***Please note: Maricopa county is located in “climate zone 2” (Table N1101.2, I.R.C.).

Sizing calculations for heating/cooling equipment (section M1401.3, I.R.C.).

“R-value” noted for ceilings, floors and wood framed walls (Table N1102.1, I.R.C.).

“R-value” for “mass walls” (section N1102.2.3, I.R.C.).

***Please note: If more than 50 percent of the added insulation for a "mass wall" is located on the interior face, the added insulation must have a R-value of six or more.

0.75 fenestration “U-factor”, including skylights (Table N1102.1, I.R.C.).

Default door "U-factor" (Table N1101.5(2), I.R.C.)

0.40 glazed fenestration “Solar Heat Gain Coefficient” (SHGC)…….(Table N1102.1, I.R.C.).

R-8 insulation of all supply and return ducts which are located outside of the building thermal envelope. (section N1103.2.1, I.R.C.).

***Please note: Ducts in floor trusses shall be insulated to a minimum R-value of six.

R-2 insulation of mechanical system piping (section N1103.3, I.R.C.).

Attic venting design at roof eave or cornice, including (insulation) baffles (section R806.3, I.R.C.).

***Please note: If roof eave or cornice venting is used, a minimum of one inch unobstructed free flow air space above the (insulation) baffle is required (section R806.3).

Manufacturer’s listing and installation instructions are required for any spray-on insulation product. In addition, a written certification (by insulation installer) verifying compliance with all manufacturer’s application specifications, including applied “R-value(s)”, is required (section N1101.4.1).

Signed City energy certificate is required to be filled out by the contractor. The original certification is to be given to the City Building Inspector at the "final" inspection and the copy to the homeowner. (section N1101.8).