Lateral Design/Shearwall - Holdown Schedule

***Please Note: Unless the wall bracing (both exterior and interior “braced wall lines”) meets or exceeds the prescriptive/conventional requirements of section R602.10, with all “braced wall lines” clearly shown and labeled on the drawings, the building must be engineered to resist lateral loads (both wind and seismic) in compliance with section R301.1.3. If the building or structure is engineered, the following items must be clearly shown and/or noted on a “lateral load design” plan:

  • Must be drawn to scale and dimensioned.
  • Drawings must match submitted “lateral loading analysis”.
  • Sealed and signed “lateral loading analysis”, including the design criteria as noted in section R301 and a labeled grid layout, delineating the location of all required shearwalls.
  • Complete “Shearwall – Holdown Schedule”, including blocking requirements, second story sill plate nailing and any special anchoring requirements.
  • Location of all shearwalls and delineation of shearwall length(s).
  • Location of all holdowns and special anchoring, along with size and manufacturer’s model type/number.
  • Referenced details of shearwall holdowns/anchors, blocking, nailing and all special strap/framing requirements, including "perforated" shearwalls.