Floor Framing Plan

The following items must be shown, detailed and/or noted on the “floor framing plan”:

***Please Note: Structural criteria for all load bearing framing members must consider: (1) bending, (2) shear and (3) deflection.

Must be drawn to scale and dimensioned.

Must match the “site plan” and “floor plan(s)” configuration.

Floor truss types keyed to floor framing plan.

***Please Note: Truss manufacturer’s stamped/signed truss layout plan and the individual engineered stamped/signed floor truss shop drawings will be required at the time of the “strap and shear” inspection. Both truss layout plan and truss shop drawing(s) must match originally approved floor framing plan.

Floor joist sizing (Table R502.3.1, I.R.C.).

***Please Note: In addition to sizing, lumber specie and grade must be noted.

Post, beam, girder and header sizing.

***Please Note: In addition to sizing, lumber specie and grade must be noted.

Framed openings (including stairway openings): Number and size of “header” and “trimmer” joists.

Floor (joist) cantilevers (Table R502.3.3, I.R.C.).

Floor joists below bearing (wall) partitions (section R502.4, I.R.C.).

Draftstopping the concealed space of a floor/ceiling assembly (section R502.12, I.R.C.).

Subfloor sheathing (Table R503.2.1.1(1), I.R.C.).

***Please Note: Exterior egress balconies and exterior exit stairways shall be positively anchored to the primary structure, not relying on the use of toenails or nails subject to withdrawal to resist vertical and lateral forces (section R311.2.1, I.R.C.).