Structural Building Review

The following must be used in the structural analysis as the “design criteria” for a building and/ or structure built within the City. All loads, as noted in section R301.1, must be properly traced from their point of origin through the load-resisting elements to the foundation. If the building and/or structural design does not meet the prescribed conventional framing requirements of the building code (including required “braced wall lines” and “braced wall panels”), an engineered design, along with structural calculations will be required. The calculations must bear the signed seal (registered in State of Arizona) of the preparer (architect and/or engineer of record).

***Please Note: Any approved " alternate design" in reference to section R104.11, I.R.C., is not allowed to reduce the design criteria noted below.

Wind Speed: minimum 90 mph (3-second gust wind speed)

Wind Exposure Category: Exposure C

Seismic Design Category: B

Frost Line Depth: minimum 12 inches (unless specified otherwise by an engineer's soils investigation).

Ground Snow Load: N/A

Flood Hazards: (a) July 9, 1984, (b) July 19, 2001.

Load Bearing Value of Soil: 1,500 psf (undisturbed soil), unless determined otherwise by a licensed engineer's soils investigation (geotechnical) report.

***Please Note: If the Building Official requires a licensed engineer’s soils investigation (geotechnical) report or if one is submitted at any time during the building permit application period, the engineer’s written “recommendation(s)” for site preparation, including the maximum soil bearing capacity and the footing/foundation design criteria must be strictly followed.