Plumbing Plan, Including Gas Piping

The following items must be shown, detailed and/or noted on the “plumbing plan":

***Please Note: An “anti-siphon vent valve” can only be used if approved, in advance, by the Building Official.

Plumbing layout, including water supply and DWV piping, cleanouts and fixture locations.

***Please Note: A separate customer shutoff valve is required downstream and within 18 inches of the water meter.

DWV isometric drawing, including sizing based on fixture unit count.

“Loop venting” detail for kitchen peninsula counters and kitchen islands (section P3112).

Water fixture unit calculation, including available water pressure, "developed length," highest outlet elevation above meter and size of water meter connection.

***Please Note: If a water supply pressure-reducing valve is required, a thermal expansion control device shall be installed in accordance with section P2903.4.1.

Shower control valves for individual shower and tub/shower combination.

***Please Note: Valve types shall be pressure-balance, thermostatic-mixing or combination pressure-balance/thermostatic-mixing. The high limit stop shall be set to limit water temperature to a maximum of 120º F, section P2708.3.

Gas line layout, including appliance BTUH rating, gas line lengths, gas line material (including tracer line when below grade non-metallic piping is used) and gas line sizes.

Hose bibbs with backflow preventers (section P2902.4.3, I.R.C.).

Condensation lines for installed (HVAC) equipment.

Location of basement sewage and storm drain ejectors.

Backcheck valve and gate valve for sewage ejector (section P3007, I.R.C.).

Four (4) inch diameter line for four (4) or more toilets in DWV system, City standard.

Location of all cleanouts (section P3005.2, I.R.C.).

Water heater appliance elevated (minimum 18 inches) from garage floor (section M1307.3, I.R.C.).

Water heater appliance impact protection device when located in a garage (section M1307.3.1, I.R.C.).

Prohibited locations for a gas-fired appliance (section G2406.2, I.R.C.).

Venting a gas-fired water heater appliance (section G2427, I.R.C.).

“Combustion, ventilation and dilution air” for a gas-fired water heater appliance (section G2407, I.R.C.).