Electrical Plan

The following items must be shown, detailed and/or noted on the “electrical plan”:

Electrical service distribution panel (including sub panel(s)) schedule, including panel amperage size, lead calculation, ground bonding method, number of circuits and size of circuit breakers.

***Please Note: Electrical service panel(s) may not be installed within a garage so as to breach the required garage/residence fire separation. This would include any garage bearing wall which supports the horizontal fire separation.

Electrical service distribution panel (including sub panel(s)) location(s).

One line diagram, including the location and the labeling of all interior and exterior electrical devices..

Location and labeling of all smoke alarms (section R313.2, I.R.C.).

***Please Note: The City has amended this section, requiring smoke alarms “where adjacent ceiling heights vary 24 inches or more, or where door openings and archways drop down 24 inches or more from the adjoining ceiling height."

***Please Note: For alterations, repairs and additions, interconnected hard-wired smoke alarms (with battery backup) are required throughout the new and existing residence (section R313.2.1, see exceptions, I.R.C.).

Illumination and wall (light) switch locations at all interior and exterior stairways (section R303.6, I.R.C.).

Illumination and light switch to service and/or remove attic equipment (section M1305.1.3.1, I.R.C.).

HVAC equipment service outlet (section E3801.11, I.R.C.).

Equipment means of disconnect (section E4001.5, I.R.C.).

Hydromassage bathtubs:
· Ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI) receptacle below tub (section E4109.1, I.R.C.)
· Accessibility to all equipment below tub (section E4109.3, I.R.C.)
· Ground bonding to all metallic equipment and piping below tub (section E4109.4, I.R.C.)

Under bathroom lavatory 125-volt receptacle for optional point-of-service hot water recirculating pump (section R306.4, I.R.C., as amended).

Ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI) protection for receptacles in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room with sink, bar with sink, garage , “unfinished” basement, “unfinished” accessory building and outdoor receptacles (section E3802, I.R.C.).

***Please Note: As noted in the above bullet, the term “unfinished” refers to storage and/or work areas only.

Arc-fault protection for bedroom outlets (section E3802.12, I.R.C.).

***Please Note: The arc-fault circuit-interrupter protection device shall be a combination type, see section E3802.12, I.R.C. for exceptions .