Wall/Roof Section Detail(s)

The following items must be shown and/or noted on the “wall/roof section detail(s):”

Roofing material and underlayment (section R905, I.R.C.).

Roof sheathing material, including roof nailing index (section R803 and Table R503.2.1.1(1), I.R.C.).

Roof/ceiling insulation (“climate zone 2”): minimum R-value of R-30 (Table N1102.1, I.R.C.).

Attic venting design at roof eave or cornice, including (insulation) baffles and corrosion-resistant wire mesh (section R806.1, I.R.C.).

*** Please Note: If roof eave or cornice venting is used, a minimum one inch unobstructed free flow air space above the (insulation) baffle is required (section R806.3, I.R.C.).

Roof framing to (double) top plate mechanical connection for wind uplift.

Stud size, spacing and height (section 602.3.1 and Table R602.3(5), I.R.C.).

Wall sheathing/bracing material (section R602.10, I.R.C.).

Stucco system with weather-resistive barrier installed per manufacturere's installation instructions.

Foam board (section R314, I.R.C.).

*** Please Note: A “thermal barrier” is required to ensure that foam board is not exposed in any interior space, including attic space. An ”ignition barrier” may be used in lieu of a “thermal barrier” for attic spaces (sections R314.4 and R314.5.3, I.R.C.).

Interior finish (section R702.3, I.R.C.).

*** Please Note: Ceiling gypsum board nailed at 24 inches o.c. requires the gypsum board to be “sag-resistant” and so labeled (footnote d, Table R702.3.5, I.R.C.).

Wall insulation (“climate zone 2”): minimum R-value of R-13 (Table N1102.1, I.R.C.).

Brick and/or stone veneer (section R703.7, I.R.C.).

Weep screed at exterior stucco wall termination(section R703.6.2.1, I.R.C.).