Roof Plan

The following items must be shown, detailed and/or noted on the “roof plan”.

Must be dimensioned, must match the “floor plan(s)” and must include all dimensional roof overhangs.

Roof slopes and (storm water runoff) flow directions.

***Please Note: Flat roofs with parapets must show locations of all required roof drains, roof overflow drains and roof scuppers (section R903.4), as well as framed roof “crickets” used to direct storm water runoff.

Location and size of all roof attic vents and roof attic ventilation calculation (section R806, I.R.C.).

***Please Note: The roof attic ventilation calculation must include the net free vent area (NFVA) of the individual roof attic vents used.

Roofing materials (section R905, I.R.C.).

Chimney location(s), framed roof “crickets” (sections R1003 and R1005, I.R.C.).

Dimensioned distance between “B-vent” termination and adjacent vertical walls and parapets, minimum 8 feet (section G2427.6.4, I.R.C.).