Floor Plan

Floor plans must be drawn to scale. The following items must be shown and/or noted on the floor plan:

  • A legend must be created for uncommon abbreviations/drawing symbols that are used on the drawings.
  • Must be dimensioned and must match the building perimeter configuration on the “site plan”.
  • For remodels and/or additions, the floor plan must also include a “scope of work” or “narrative” which specifically describes and details all proposed new construction, as well as all proposed demolition work. Also, the floor plan must graphically distinguish between what is proposed and what is existing.
  • Label use of all rooms and/or areas.
***Please Note: If a room (labeled as a “den”, “office”, etc.) contains a clothes closet, it will be regulated and plan reviewed the same as a “bedroom”.

  • Hallway width dimensioned.
  • Size, type and locations of all doors and windows.
  • Dimensioned location of all plumbing fixtures (kitchen sink, lavatories, water closets, shower/tub, etc.).
  • Landings at all exterior doors shown and dimensioned reference section R311.3, I.R.C.
  • Natural light and ventilation in all habitable rooms reference section R303.1, I.R.C.
***Please Note: Artificial light and mechanical ventilation may be used as a substitution, reference exception, section R303.1, I.R.C.

The published list below contains additional information required on the floor plan:
Safety (Tempered) Glazing Locations
Bedroom Windows for Escape and Rescue
Laundry Room
Attic Access
Smoke Alarms/Carbon Monoxide Alarms (may be shown on the electrical plan)
Fireplaces and Chimneys