Site Plan

What is a site plan?

A site plan is a drawing that shows the size and location of all existing and new proposed buildings and structures on a site. It also contains required zoning code information including building setbacks and proposed/allowed lot coverage, as well as recorded easements, vehicular driveways and recorded property lines. In addition, due to fire access and narrow side yards, the location of all existing and proposed pad mounted A/C units and pool equipment must also be shown on the site plan. ***Please note: A minimum of 36 inch unobstructed width is required for access to and egress from any required emergency escape and rescue opening to the adjacent public way enroute.

Which residential building permit applications require a site plan?

  • New single family dwellings
  • Residential additions
  • Residential accessory buildings and structures (including new proposed fencing)
  • Residential exterior pools/spas/hot tubs
  • Residential gas piping
  • Residential solar systems

Is there a specific form required for the site plan?

No, however; if the site plan is not incorporated as part of the drawing set, the attached site plan shall be on a minimum 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. ***Please note: Site plans must be drawn to scale with appropriate dimensioned property lines and building setbacks shown. Pencil markings are not allowed on the submitted site plan.

Is a legal description, lot number and/or street address required on the site plan?


Is a "lot coverage" percentage calculation required on the site plan?


Is a north arrow required on the site plan?


Do all streets (front and side), common with the construction site, need to be labeled on the site plan?


Does new proposed (soft) landscaping need to be show on the site plan?

No, however fire access and emergency egress must never be obstructed by yard plantings. Refer to emergency escape and rescue opening.