The residential inspection checklist for insulation includes:

  • Added insulation per drawings (ceiling R-value: min. R-38, frame wall R-value: min. R-18 Table N1102.1.1 and City amended section R324,), I.R.C.
  • Mass walls (CMU and ICF) w/added integral and/or exterior insulation: min. R-4, sect. Table N1102.1.1, I.R.C.
  • Mass walls (CMU, concrete and full width solid brick) with added interior insulation: min. R-6, Table N1102.1.1, I.R.C.
  • Blown-in or sprayed fiberglass and cellulose roof / ceiling insulation (listed product) requires depth marker for every 300 sq. ft. of attic space, with marker (identifying R-value / 1 inch) facing attic access opening, section N1101.12.1.1, I.R.C.
  • Baffles to be installed at soffit (attic ventilation) opening to ensure min. 1 inch. unobstructed air space below roof sheathing material
  • Sprayed polyurethane foam insulation requires surface preparation per listing/manufacturer’s specifications and written certification by installer including total foam thickness and R-value installed, section N1101.12.1.1, I.R.C.
  • Unless tested and listed otherwise, attic foam plastic must be covered with a thermal (ignition) barrier, section R316.5.3, I.R.C.
  • Glazing to be labeled (paper label): min. SHGC of 0.25 and min. U-value of 0.40., Table N1102.1.1, I.R.C.
  • Due to proximity of Luke AFB, all windows shall have a sound transmission rating of "STC-28" or better, MAG standard.
  • Exterior door (paper label): minimum U-factor of 0.60 for insulated metal and minimum U-factor of 0.50 for wood, Table N1101.12.3 (2) I.R.C.
  • Recessed lighting fixtures must be "IC-rated" in compliance with City amended section N1102.4.4, I.R.C.
  • Supply and return ducts in the unconditioned attic space: min. R-8 (in floor trusses: min. R-6), section N1103.2.1, I.R.C.
  • A/C refrigerant lines: min. R-3, section N1103.3, I.R.C.
  • HVAC leakage "rough-in test": Copy of the signed leakage certification of mechanical systems outside of or partially outside of the building's thermal envelope, City amended section N1103.2.2, I.R.C.
  • "B" vent insulation shield shall extend a minimum of 2 inches above top of insulation.